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MANO -  2023

Role: Animation lead
Graduation film from The animation workshop.

Won the Lotte Reiniger Award

at Annecy 2023

Software: Autodesk Maya

I was the animation Lead on this production. I was in charge of developing the animation style alongside the director, writing the animation bible and giving feedback to the animators. I was also keeping track of the animation, using shotgrid to manage our time and ensuring we met our deadlines.

Role: Animator

Television series for DR

Software: Autodesk Maya

Television series 2023-current

Role: Technical director

Television series

Software: ToonBoom harmony

I was an intern animator on this production. I was given whole scenes to animate from start to finish. 
The series was developed for DR (Denmarks radio) and aired on national television.

I'm currently working on a tv series as a technical director.

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